We bid for cars for you

Step 1

Send us a message

The account registration and activation process takes five minutes. Once you register, you will be able to track vehicles that you are interested in within one tab.



Set Up Bidding Power

The purchasing power enables participation in auctions up to the limit fixed for your account. The payment of a bid bond in the amount of $ 1 000 enables to take part in bidding up to $10 000. Once the amount of the bid bond is credited to our account, you will be able to make bids on the very same day. Simple, isn’t it?


Find Vehicle

Step 3

Find a vehicle that you are interested in. Using or using detailed filters will make the search in our base of vehicles much simpler for you.


Bid &Win

Determine the maximum amount that you are able to pay for a vehicle. The calculator on the vehicle site will enable you to summarise all costs. Your request will be accepted - the vehicle will be auctioned by BidCars during an auction at the auction house.


Pay for your Vehicle

Step 5

Once you win the auction, you will receive all data for a bank transfer and instructions on how to make a foreign transfer to the US. Once the funds are credited to our account, we will pick up the vehicle and will take extra pictures of it.


Get Custom Clearance Done & Pickup Your Vehicle

Contact the customs agency and carry out the customs clearance procedure. In the case of the “Home Delivery” option, we will send you the necessary documents for signature; we will contact the agency on your behalf and we will organise the “Home Delivery.